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Keeping our Water Healthy: New Easements to Protect Edwards Aquifer

Keeping our Water Healthy: New Easements to Protect Edwards Aquifer

Posted on September 28th, 2012 

By By Dr. Francine Sanders Romero

Over the next few months, San Antonio City Council will begin considering recommendations from the Conservation Advisory Board (CAB), signaling the commencement of the current round of the $90 million sales-tax-funded, voter-approved Edwards Aquifer Protection Program.

The mechanics of the program have evolved somewhat since its inception over ten years ago, but the essence remains consistent-utilize an acquisition mechanism to maintain land over the Aquifer Recharge Zone in a relatively undevel oped state, thereby protecting our primary water source.  Citizens are on board with the effort, having supported this .08% sales tax supplement three times (2000, 2005, 2010), all by comfortable margins.  But, the innovative nature of this particular program, beginning to garner nationwide attention, may not be fully appreciated.

With Council consideration pending, this is an appropriate time to provide an overview of the aquifer's program.  After all, CAB (comprised of representatives from various city/regional entities) will generally be recommending the expenditure of millions of dollars per purchase.  In almost all cases this will not be to purchase the land outright, but for a conservation easement - typically on a large ranch in Uvalde or Medina County (although purchases in Bexar may also materialize). Read more..