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Protecting Jacob's Well and the Springs of the Wimberley Valley

Jacob's Well Docents and Tour Guides

Every Saturday morning, volunteers arrive at 9:30 to lead, assist, or “shadow” tours of the Jacobs Well Natural Area.   EVERY Saturday?  Well, holidays are an exception, but Jeff Vasgaard actually arrived last New Years Day to conduct a tour for a neighboring property owner. 
Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold and we never know how many will come. Why do we do it?

We do it because we have inexplicably fallen in love with the Jacobs Well spring and its natural area.

We do it because we are convinced of the need to share knowledge concerning the aquifer that feeds the spring and more general knowledge concerning water and natural resources.
We do it because we can learn from veteran tour leaders.   

Jeff Vasgaard gave his one of his fabulous and very engaging explanations and tour and I chimed in from time to time.  I think it’s fun to participate in tandem.  Jeff and I agreed in advance which areas he would “call on me” to address, which was helpful for me as the  “assisting” volunteer.” Helen Foster

We do it because we learn from the amazing variety of tour participants. 
I remember a time last spring passing along the cliff trail when a man reached up and put his hand right in the middle of what I had thought was a clump of fungus.  The “fungus”    scattered in all directions because it was actually hundreds of Daddy Long Leg spiders!
We do it because it is always surprising! 

“The surroundings are ever changing and therefore always interesting - light bulb moments every time a tour goes out.”  Suzanne Davis 

We do it because people appreciate our efforts.

“A recent tour group expressed great appreciation and asked if the Master Naturalists ever consulted with people on their properties – what trees to plant, what native grasses were present or could be added.  Jeff agreed generously to consult and share information about how to improve the health of her property.  It was a very positive outreach, in my view.”  Helen Foster
We do it because we love sharing this sacred place and natures magic with our community and visitors from around the world.  Come join us we are there every Saturday at 10am at Jacob’s Well Natural Area!