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Hill Country Night Sky Co-op

From Hill Country Alliance
Hill Country landowners, businesses and communities who would like to advance a spirit of cooperation and commitment to protecting nights skies have created the Hill Country Night Sky Coop. All it takes to join is a simple promise to be a good neighbor and responsible with outdoor lighting choices. Sign up today!
Join founding members:
The Preserve at Walnut Springs - Blanco County
LBJ National Historic Park - Blanco and Gillespie County
Selah, Bamberger Ranch - Blanco County
Reese River Ranch - Blanco County
Garrison Brothers Distillery - Blanco County
Double H Ranch - Blanco County
Hershey Ranch - Gillespie County
Native American Seed Farm - Kimble County
Red Corral Ranch - Hays County
In taking this vow:Photographer: Dave Hensley
“We pledge to practice sound outdoor lighting management with the intention to eliminate light escaping over the horizon from outdoor lighting fixtures on my property and thus protect and preserve the treasured natural wonder that is the Hill Country’s starry nighttime skies.”