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Protecting Jacob's Well and the Springs of the Wimberley Valley

New 2012 Training Class Graduates


There is a great deal of talent in this new group, such as staff of the Texas Parks and Wildlife, retired teachers, and students and graduates from Texas State University. Welcome to Andrew Spurlin, Briane Willis, Cappy Smith, Cheryl Gilpin, Christine Byrne, David Glenn, Ellie Loggins, George Mathews, Irene Bond, Joe Bowman, Judy Elliot, Susan Cook, and Toby Leon.

This year’s class was taught by Jason Pinchback (General Land Office), Steve Jester (Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust), Doug Wierman (Hydrologist), Krista McDermid (ZARA Environmental), Gregg Tatum (JW Research Dive team), and Nico Hauwert (City of Austin Watershed Protection). Current volunteers welcomed the newbies and demonstrated our teaching models – Jeff Vasgaard, Linda Lang, Helen Foster, Dona Wallace, Helen Marsh, Ray Frierson, and Bob Mobley, along with Bob Currie who filmed the presentation. Thanks to all of you for your commitment to saving our springs.

The information presented was nothing short of awe-inspiring. This year, as in every year we hear the question, “Why doesn’t everyone know this information?” We are working on it!