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Protecting Jacob's Well and the Springs of the Wimberley Valley

Movie Night at the Corral

Barbara Attwell

Mary and Bob Anderson at the WVWA fundraiser
Photo by Jane Dunham
The skies over the Corral Theatre were clear with the promise of a meteor shower, and even a bit cold – a nice surprise for April in Texas. Bob Anderson, nephew of Corral Theatre owner, Mary Anderson, spoke to the audience beforehand about the notion of a sense of place. His Aunt Mary had scooped up the young Bob on many occasions and taken him to locations of natural beauty, particularly the springs around the state. Her enthusiasm and innate understanding of the ability of a place to get into your skin was imparted to Bob, and become a powerful influence on his life and work.

Bob Anderson is the owner of award winning J. Anderson Landscape Architects of Austin. He modeled the spring feature in the courtyard of the Ladybird Wildflower Center after Jacob’s Well.

A sense of place is the inexplicable mark that some natural sites leave on a person, sites such as Jacob’s Well. These places inspire a deep reverence and create a powerful emotional bond. They offer a sense of belonging, reminding us that we are an authentic part of a magnificent story, and there is relief in knowing we belong to the tale. It truly is a sense – sort of a natural magic that is indefinable but also unmistakable. It is this emotional bond that inspires people to live sustainably.

The film Monumental followed the life of David Brower, one of the greatest American environmentalists, who spent his life alerting us to the spiritual connection that exists between humans and these natural wonders. It documented his unrelenting campaigns to protect and establish some of our most treasured National Parks. With stunning footage of the King’s Canyon and Yosemite National Parks, and Point Reyes National Seashore, the audience was transported to that same divine sense of place that Bob Anderson so eloquently had espoused.

The fundraiser was a success and will help the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association to continue their diligent work to preserve the springs of the Hill Country for generations to come. Thanks to Mary and Bob Anderson for their generous donation of the theatre space and their time.

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Water feature at the Wildflower Center
Photo by Robert Anderson
Jacob’s Well
Photo by B. Attwell